Tienanmen square

I met a Chinese girl at the hostel who is getting her masters degree in Interface Design.  She has been leading me and a few other travelers around the city ad it makes things much easier for me.  Our small group has been spending a lot of time roaming around the tourist areas of Beijing.  Today we hit up Tienanmen square and the Forbidden city. The square is probably the most boring place Ive seen so far in China.  Its just a big open space with a giant LCD screen and a giant red ball in the center.   Traditional Chinese music plays loudly from the center stage and everyone just walks around staring at each other, taking pictures.  Each side of the square is bounded by a government building, the National Museum, The forbidden city and General Mao’s mausoleum.  The National Museum has a large collection of ancient Chinese art and a huge area that is devoted to the history of the modern Chinese government.  I’m pretty sure there is quite a bit of propaganda, which is probably why it is the only section in which there are few English translations of the images.  My favorite part of this day was seeing the forbidden city from the outside.


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