Image of the City

I’ve stagnate for about 5 months now, trying to save up some cash to do some more traveling. I was fortunate enough to land a commission to do some photography that would attempt to represent an image of what San Antonio is all about by exploring its historical architecture and streets.

Doing this project allowed me to take a step back and look at San Antonio through the eyes of an outsider. I think growing up in any given city for a long period of time can make someone disenchanted by all the magic and beauty that a city actually possesses. Sometimes you have to look at things through a different lens, or re-experience a certain place with a new mind to realize its latent beauty, that had always been there waiting for you to notice it. Ive been walking these streets and going to these places my whole life and even though some of the images from these places are plastered on postcards and tshirts and sold in gift shops for a few cents a piece, I still feel like I managed to discover a magic and a beauty that I had not yet noticed.

Some photo ideas came easily, especially the ones involving the Missions, which are buildings that pre-date the city itself, are definitive of San Antonio culture and are essential to conjuring ones identity of the city. Others came by happenstance, especially the Houston Street shot (My fav). I took many thousands of photographs over a several weeks, through several different times of day, with different types of lighting, and with a few different lenses. These are some of the best in my opinion.

I am happy with the way they turned out and cant wait to see them displayed.

Here is a sample of some of the prints that were part of the set:

San Fernando Cathedral

Spanish Governors Palace

Mission San Juan

San Fernando Cathedral

Mission San Juan

Mission San Juan

Mission Concepcion

Mission San Juan

Houston Street

Mission Espada

Mission Concepcion

The Alamo

Commerce Street

The Emily Morgan Hotel

The Crockett Hotel

San Antonio Riverwalk

The Tower of the Americas

Hemisfair Park


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