New York City – Street Music

Its been almost a year since Ive traveled outside of my home town. Ive been waiting and searching for the next opportunity and I was recently selected to work as a resident coordinator for a Study Abroad organization in Tuscany, Italy. As soon as I knew I was going, I decided to plan to stop at a few destinations before going to work. The first stop before flying out to Europe definitely had to be NYC. I met up with my good friend Lisa there and she was kind enough to let me stay at her apartment. I am excited to be playing with my new toy: a 50mm Nikon lens. I only had about a weekend to run around the city, so I tried to fit in as much as I could.

We stumbled onto some sort of Hindi music festival in Union Square where people were chanting and dancing all around. This is one of the first shots that I took with the new lens:

Later in the day we made our way up to Harlem where there was a jazz music festival happening. I felt a bit out of place here, but the whole area was filled with good vibes, good food and good music.


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